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Press Release

No New Taxes in Sumter County, Alabama!


The citizens of Sumter County, Alabama face a tax increase in the form of a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot for November 7th.

The tax was proposed by State Senator Bobby Singleton as local legislation in April 2006.  It was then known as SB 586.

The citizens of Sumter County did not know of this tax until the Secretary of State released the ballot amendments on August 31st.

Fortunately, voters there have formed a local PAC committee to organize and fight this tax increase.

They are looking for battle-hardened grassroots tax-fighters ready to defeat this tax hike and send a message that will reverberate across the state of Alabama!

Please contact Knox Poole of Sumter County Citizens for Fair Tax at 205-652-7200 to learn how to get involved in this campaign.

Here is the language that will be on the ballot November 7th:

"Relating to Sumter County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Albama of 1901, to levy an additional 15 mill ad valorem tax and to distribute the proceeds to the Sumter County Board of Education for county public educational purposes. (Proposed by Act 2006-513)