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Press Release

No New Taxes in Virginia!


Talking points against the tax increases proposed in VA by Gov. Warner and Sen. Chichester

• Since Mark Warner entered office the budget has not been cut.

• Government spending was actually increased by $2.5 billion to a record level, the highest level of spending in Virginia history.

• Governor Warner’s proposed budget is actually over 13% larger than the budget Virginia is currently operating under.

• Government spending in Virginia is growing by 8% a year, while family income is growing by only 4%.

• Virginia’s families already pay over 39% of household income in federal, state and local taxes.

• Virginia’s economy is in recovery. During the first 5 months of the current fiscal year economic growth averaged 7% and if continued will produce more than $2 billion in new revenue in the upcoming biennium, without a tax increase.

• Experts agree that a tax increase will hinder an economic recovery.

• In November of 2002 Virginia voters overwhelmingly voted no to a proposed sales tax increase.