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Press Release

    North Carolina FreedomWorks Day at the Capitol

    Please join FreedomWorks North Carolina on Tuesday, June 10th for a day of information, food, fellowship, and activist lobbying! As always, we will be holding our annual Day at the Capitol in Raleigh, and YOU are invited.

    During the upcoming legislative short session and the following long session, we expect private property rights to be under assault:

    Forced Annexation
    Smoking Ban on Private Property
    Restrictions on Private Wells

    For tickets, please contact a FreedomWorks activist in your area:

    Tricia Boyd:  828-442-3295
    Shirley Washburn:  828-756-4192
    Roger Wilson:  828-765-4291
    Hal Jolly:  704-592-7521
    Joyce Krawiec:  336-817-4601
    Mary Elizabeth Irvin:  336-272-8687
    Wayne King:  704-689-2000
    Bill Randolph:  828-682-7489
    Bill Lack:  828-253-5709
    Don Swanson:  828-524-2960
    Bill Dills:  828-488-3096
    Jack Gibson:  336-591-4532
    Peggy Boose:  336-816-5918
    Sue Gilgo:  252-745-4877
    Doris Morris:  252-793-9756
    Allen Page, State Director 336-213-1167
    Kathy Hartkopf, Legislative Liaison 919-599-0273

    See you on June 10th!


    Allen Page
    State Director
    FreedomWorks North Carolina