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Issue Analysis

North Carolina FreedomWorks Protest Duke Energy and Its "pay to play" schemes

Duke Energy Rally

Duke Energy Rally Duke Energy Rally

I was emailed this today from a group of dedicated North Carolina FreedomWorks activists who spent their day protesting the pay-to-play policies of Duke Energy and its CEO James Rogers.  Great work guys! 

"FreedomWorks activists from across North Carolina gathered yesterday, March 17, outside of Duke Energy Headquarters in Charlotte to protest Duke's decision to guarantee $10 million to the DNC.  The message was clear, if Duke Energy has $10 million to spread around, it should be going to Duke's customers via rate reductions.  Most of NC's residents are Duke Energy customers and if the merger, currently in the works, is culminated, practically the entire state will be."

"FreedomWorks activists were very disappointed in Duke's CEO, James Rogers, decision to guarantee the $10 million. The group was asking the Board to fire him and replace him with an executive more responsive to the needs of the customers. Some of the activists likened his decision to vote buying and money laundering.  Since Duke Energy has been in the forefront of promoting "cap and trade" Legislation, the activists believe that this is Roger's way of passing money to the administration, to promote this legislation, through the back door of the political process."

This type of behavior is unacceptable and as activists we must be ever vigilant in preventing it from happening.  Continuing our fight against Duke Energy and its CEO is just one step FreedomWorks is taking to ensure that corporate welfare, and pay-to-play politics is no longer tolerated. 

For Freedom

David Spielman