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One Thousand Days without a Budget

President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening will mark the passage of the 1000th day since the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a budget. In his address this evening, the President will likely propose even more federal spending despite the enormous deficit and the unprecedented $15 trillion dollar national debt. Without a budget from our elected representatives to provide restraint to Washington bureaucrats, this increased spending will continue unchecked.

A fundamental responsibility of Congress is to pass an annual budget in order to provide guidance to the immense federal bureaucracy. Without even this semblance of oversight, the majority of government spending goes on “auto-pilot” and in effect government agencies and programs run themselves, with appropriation bills covering the tab. Needless to say, this is not the system of government laid out by the Founders in the Constitution. Congress is meant to legislate and govern, not to abdicate these responsibilities to unelected, unaccountable government bureaucrats.

Although there is always the temptation to blame all of Congress for the failure to pass legislation, Americans must be careful about on whom to place the blame for this unfortunate milestone. Less than a year ago, on April 15th, the Republican-controlled House passed a budget that Senate Democrats flatly rejected. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid even commented that passing a budget would be “foolish.” Therefore, the blame for this failure to pass a budget for a thousand days must rest squarely with Senate Democrats.

If the Senate Democrats are looking for guidance from the American people on the matter, we here at FreedomWorks would like to suggest that they take a look at the Tea Party Budget. Created with the input of more than 70,000 Americans, the Tea Party Budget would balance the budget in four years, cut federal spending by $9.7 trillion dollars over the next ten years, make Social Security and Medicare solvent, and bring the federal government back in line with the Constitution.

If you would like to learn more about the Tea Party Budget, here is the link:

christian kowalski

i think the TPB is very was shut down last far with the circus going on in the Republican Party i don't see it really brought up center stage like it should be.furthermore as far as i'm concerned it looks like Obama stays in office-not good.