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Press Release

    Oregon Legislators Opposing the Initiative Process



    p>Who in the Oregon Legislature is Against the Initiative Process?

    Some Oregon politicians are trying to gut our initiative process and make it harder for Oregonians on both sides of the political spectrum, left and right, to refer issues to the statewide ballot.

    The following members of the Oregon House of Representatives voted in favor of HB 2082; legislation that would bog down the state’s initiative process and make it difficult for Oregonians that wanted to sign statewide petitions on any issue to do so.

    Jeff Barker
    Phil Barnhart
    E. Terry Beyer
    Suzanne Bonamici
    Deborah Boone
    Peter Buckley
    Ben Cannon
    Brian Clem
    Jean Cowan
    Jackie Dingfelder                    
    Chris Edwards
    David Edwards
    Larry Galizio
    Sara  Gelser
    Mitch Greenlick
    Paul Holvey
    Dave Hunt
    Betty  Komp
    Tina Kotek
    Greg Macpherson
    Jeff Merkley
    Nancy Nathanson
    Mary Nolan
    Tobias Read
    Chuck Riley
    Arnie Roblan
    Diane Rosenbaum
    Mike Schaufler
    Chip Shields
    Carolyn Tomei
    Brad Witt