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Press Release

Oregon's Legislators Are Home for Spring Break

Just because lawmakers have left DC, that's no reason why they should relax on our dime.  In the next two weeks, while congressmen are home is an excellent time to visit your district office.  While it is important to email and call your leaders (they do keep track!), nothing says "this issue is important" like someone on your doorstep.

Your Congressmen will be on break until April 1.   This is a perfect time to take FreedomWorks "No Earmark Pledge" to your legislator.  You can find the pledge (and see who has signed so far) at  Just print, get them to sign it, and fax it back!

For FY08 alone, Oregon lawmakers requested over $2.5 million dollars in earmarks. A personal pledge to go cold turkey on earmarks this year is an important step toward stopping the spending problem we have in Washington.  Funds should be awarded based on merit after a full discussion, not behind the scenes favors.

We also are encouraging congressional candidates to sign.  If you know someone, encourage them to take a stand on this issue.

Thanks for your help as we try to hold Washington accountable.  Please let me know how things go!


Russ Walker
Northwest Regional Director