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Press Release

Paul Garfield: FreedomWorks Activist of the Month



p>Since joining FreedomWorks in 2005, Paul has traveled to Washington, support the Republican Study Committee’s Renewed Contract with America, attended dinners and issue symposiums, anti-tax protests, and most recently has led the opposition to local bond initiatives.

Paul recently was appointed as a FreedomWorks Congressional Action Team Leader, mobilizing fellow grassroots activists to contact Representative Joe Knollenberg prior to votes that affect economic freedom.

Paul is currently Michigan Grassroots Director of USA Next (formerly known as the United Seniors Association), Christian Seniors Association and The 60 Plus Association. He is also the Michigan Representative of Gun Owners of America.

Paul began fighting taxes as a college student. As a student he led a local petition effort to place the tax limiting "Headlee" constitutional amendment on the Michigan ballot. Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure which limited previously uncontrollable local taxation authority.

He also was a legislative assistant in the Michigan House and Senate and a policy analyst for the State and Local Government Economic Empowerment Committee. He is the Chairman Emeritus of the Oakland County Taxpayers Association.

In 2001, Paul founded where he worked to defeat the city initiative known as Proposal C, which called for a 40% local tax increase. Paul and Clawson Taxpayer prevailed by a large margin and the group continues to enjoy membership growth today.