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Plurimus Redefines Privacy on the Internet

on 4/5/01.

Plurimus Corporation(TM), which provides the broadest and most detailed online market intelligence available, reaffirmed its commitment to protecting end-user privacy by introducing its privacy-enhancing data-collection methodology recently in Washington, D.C.

Plurimus co-founder and vice president of content alliances, Brian Gullette, during meetings with privacy experts in Washington, D.C., explained how the company has established a new privacy protocol that preserves an individual's right to privacy on the Internet. Gullette was joined by Christine Varney, chief advisor of the Online Privacy Alliance and former FTC commissioner.

"Maintaining privacy on the Internet was not just an afterthought at Plurimus. It is the heart and soul of our business," explains Gullette. "Additionally, we want to educate the online community on how the information is gathered in order to minimize concerns."

During these meetings, Plurimus spoke with several nationally recognized privacy experts from leading consumer groups and think tanks throughout D.C.,

-- Jeffrey A. Eisenach, Ph.D., president and founder, Progress & Freedom Foundation

-- Jeffrey Rosen, associate professor, George Washington University Law School and author of "The Unwanted Gaze: The Destruction of Privacy in America" (Random House, 2000)

-- Solveig Singleton, senior policy analyst, Competitive Enterprise Institute

-- Adam Thierer, director of Telecommunications Studies, Cato Institute

-- Jerry Berman, executive director, Center for Democracy and Technology

-- Erick Gustafson, director of Consumer Choice, Citizens for a Sound

"Government must trust that the private sector will create technological solutions capable of performing online market research, while respecting a consumer's privacy needs," says Erick Gustafson, director of consumer choice, Citizens for a Sound Economy. "Plurimus has demonstrated it can provide an anonymous approach to online activity and effective marketing. Other corporations should look to this example."

Drawing from a pool of 3.5 million Internet subscribers, Plurimus has redefined online marketing intelligence by providing statistically accurate models of online behavior at the aggregated Census block-group level. Plurimus's data collection methodology, known as Irreversible Anonymization and Aggregation Architecture (IA3), removes all personally identifiable information (PII) -- such as name, user ID, mailing/e-mail address, or phone number -- at the point of access before it is sent to Plurimus. The IA3 process results in Internet users remaining as they should: anonymized, untraceable, and lost in the crowd.

To add yet another layer of confidence in its privacy practices, the company 's methods for collecting, storing, and using the data are audited twice a year by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

About Plurimus Corporation(TM)

Plurimus, formerly Foveon Corporation, is a breakthrough new company that has redefined the science of marketing intelligence. By assimilating live data from a pool of 3.5 million Internet users, Plurimus aggregates, analyzes, and maps the activities and attributes of the online world. This marketing science, unique to Plurimus, is called online human geography.

Located at 4021 Stirrup Creek Drive, Suite 120, Durham, NC 27703, Plurimus can be reached by phone at 919/425-3300 or by e-mail at

Note to Editors: In the word "IA3" noted in this news release, the "3" is superscript. This symbol may not appear properly in some systems.

CONTACT: Plurimus Corporation
Sheila K. Oliva, 919/425-3313