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PODCAST: Regulatory Roundup on Dodd-Frank.

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Obviously, over-regulation doesn't start or end with the EPA. The Presidential candidates unanimously voiced their opposition. But what does it do?

In short, Dodd-Frank imposes massive new regulations on financial services under the guise of Wall Street reform. More than 300 regulations required to be written, which will create huge new costs on the economy well beyond the Wall Street.

The scariest part is that we don't know what is happening, because the legislators punted the actual regulations to the regulators. Most of them are not even written.

What we do know is what have seen so far is very costly. The Durbin Tax and Hedge Fund reform goes well beyond legislations and imposes significant new costs.

Consumer protection commission will create a massive new bureaucracy overseeing all financial transactions, pushing government further into the marketplace and creating new rules to guide consumer behavior.

This is incredibly dangerous. Tune in to find out if there is anything we can do about it!

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