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    PODCAST: Regulatory Roundup! Obama gets one right?


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    Here's what's up this week: President Obama pulled the Ozone Rule. This is a good thing right? The short answer is yes, but how long will it last? We're not out of the woods yet - the EPA still has 40 major rules it is pushing forward with.
    What is the biggest concern right now?

    • The Air Transport Rule, CSAPR (Casper)
    • Already finalized in July, and compliance starts in January.
    • 28 states are affected.  Higher energy costs, job losses in a slow economy.

    Can Congress stop the EPA? What can we do, since the EPA seems to act without accountability?

    • Three efforts are underway:
      • TRAIN Act calling for comprehensive review of EPA rules before anything goes forward.
      • Congressional Review Act to challenge the Transport rule.
      • Appropriations rider to stop implementation.
    Roger Halstead

    Although I think it'd be a great idea to clean up the air a bit more, now is not the time. The country, states, and industry are not in a position to spend this kind of money in today's economy. This is about the worst possible time to require states, Industry, and individuals to pay additional costs. In addition to that I do not think the Constitution gives the federal government the power to tell the states what they should do.

    Fred Yates

    Agreed the states, industry and individuals cannot afford the cost, but neither can the Feds since all the money flows from our pockets.

    Congress needs to stand up and be counted. They need to take CSAPR out using their power and stop letting Obama and his minions ruin our Nation.