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    PODCAST: Regulatory Roundup! Regulation matters.

    I sat down with Dr. Wayne Brough to talk regulation this week. How much does it cost? How much damage is this administration doing? Here are some highlights:

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    Obviously, the spending debate has been at the forefront of public opion, but we cannot ignore regulation.

    • Regulations are a hidden tax.  One study found that the total cost of regulation in 2010 was $1.75 trillion.
    • Regulations can raise prices and hamper businesses at a time when economic recovery is paramount.

    Obama has launched one of the most aggressive regulatory agendas of any president.

    • His administration has already issued 75 major rules, costling $40 billion.
    • New regulations coming for ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank financial reform, the EPA Train Wreck

    EPA is prime example of regulatory overkill

    • Ozone rule—tightening the standard two years into the review cycle.
      • New standards will somewhere between 70ppb and 60ppb.
      • At these levels, 75 to 90 percent of the counties that have monitors will be out of attainment.
      • Results vary by region. In Ohio, every county would be out of attainment.
      • Out of attainment, then a State Implementation Plan (SIP) must be adopted.
      • Costly and expands EPA authority.  Maybe even a FIP will be required.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. 40 more rules in waiting at the EPA. Billions of dollars and millions in lost jobs.

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    christian kowalski

    After the "Fire Geithner" article another one that get's straight to it.Again-couldn't agree more.