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PODCAST: Regulatory Roundup! What's the EPA up to?

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We’ve talked about the train wreck and the costs imposed on the economy.  What does the train wreck really include?  Is that big a deal? In short, YES! Tune in for specifics. 

Some people say that the EPA and Obama really are not to blame for the costly new regulations, that they are simply acting to comply with lawsuits against the agency. Is this true? Not so much. We'll talk about "settle and sue" and explain how that costs YOU money.
Why are we imposing these new regulations that will cost billions of dollars and lose millions of jobs?  Is air quality really that bad? No! It's actually improved dramatically in the past 30 years.

Listen to the answers to these questions and more in this week's Regulatory Roundup! 


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gene.hill's picture
Gene Hill

What is a practical way of combating the greenies on this?

John Stewart

My take on the EPA, Obama, and the progressive/socialist movement is, it is a power play to put the final touches on the nanny state they are working to create. The EPA for all its power, is nothing more than a perpetual government work force. In other words all they want to do is create more regulations and impossible goals and standards to continue on the same "do nothing but wreck the economy" course.