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PODCAST: SB1 Update - What's happening on the ground in PA?

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Our campaigns department was on the ground again in Pennsylvania this weekend fighting for school choice. David Spielman sits down with me to update us on the battle!

Top two targets getting in the way of passage are:

Senator Kim L. Ward (R-39) (717) 787-6063
House Majority Leader Mike Turzai: (412) 369-2230

The full list of targets includes:

Kim L. Ward (R-39) (717) 787-6063
John R. Gordner (R-27) (717) 787-8928
Robert M. Tomlinson (R-6) (717) 787-5072
Patricia H. Vance (R-31) (717) 787-8524
Charles T. McIlhinney Jr. (R-10) (717) 787-7305
Jane M. Earll (R-49) (717) 787-8927
Mary Jo White (R-21) (717) 787-9684
Gene Yaw (R-23) (717) 787-3280
Elder A. Vogel Jr. (R-47) (717) 787-3076

Please call and keep the pressure on! This is a battle that can be won, and the children of Pennsylvania deserve it! Listen to our brief conversation for more info.


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