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    Poli-bytes: A behind-the-scenes look at state and local politics

    BY Dawson Bell
    by Dawson Bell on 9/1/03.

    An unlikely protester

    We know Citizens for a Sound Economy and Young Americans for Freedom are two of the most conservative outfits in American politics.

    We know Detroit's John Conyers is one of the most liberal members of Congress.

    What we don't know is what Conyers was thinking when he decided to join a CSE-YAF protest of Howard Dean.

    Presidential candidate Dean, a former Vermont governor and liberal firebrand, was in town two weeks ago to raise money when a dozen protesters with antitax signs showed up.

    Michigan YAF Chair Doug Tietz says Conyers arrived a short time later, stopped to chat and said he supported cutting taxes, too.

    A Conyers representative said Friday the congressman could not be reached for clarification. By Dawson Bell