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Politically Powerful Predators


… political-economic history is the record of conflict between producers, no matter their station, and the parasitic and predatory political class, both inside and outside of government.

-Sheldon Richman

Politically Powerful Predators Top Obama health aide cashes out after health 'reform'

Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner reports on what he calls the “Great Health Care Cashout.”  Key bureaucrats and politicians have departed government to lobby for organizations seeking special favors from the D.C. power players that control Obamacare. 

Liz Engel just departed Health and Human Services for a big lobby firm and her initial client is Planned Parenthood, an organization she formerly influenced to support Obamacare.  Read the report of Carney to comprehend the predatory practices of the politically powerful:

Of the congressional aides who played central roles in crafting the health care bill, a handful have already gone to work for drug companies or lobbying firms that represent health care companies.

In fact, two Democratic congressmen who delivered key support for the bill -- Reps. Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota and Bart Stupak of Michigan -- have gone to K Street to represent health care companies during the implementation stage of the subsidy-and-regulation-laden bill.

Engel's very first lobbying client, according to the Lobbying Disclosure Act database, was Planned Parenthood, for whom she lobbied on "matters relating to health reform." Also on … (her employer’s) account is another Obama administration alumnus, Grant Leslie (also a former Daschle aide), and former Arlen Specter health care adviser John Myers, another participant in the Great Health Care Cashout.

Engel, Leslie, Myers, former Representative Pomeroy, former Representative Stupak were all key players in lobbying or voting for Obamacare.  With ready access to powerful bureaucrats and politicians, all these recent lobbyists are now making gigantic salaries for manipulating their political connections to gain favors for their clients – Planned Parenthood and thousands more. 

It appears all of these lobbyists have strong connections to former Majority Leader of the Senate Tom Daschle, the architect of passing expansive and obtuse legislation that requires extensive rule making by the bureaucrats. 

Again, Carney tags these privileged lobbyists as being part of the “Great Health Care Cashout.”  It is more sinister and menacing.  These are Politically Powerful Predators that have commandeered the democratic process to the exclusion and detriment of the American people.