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Predictions on April Job Reports to Be Released This Week

This week, the anticipated April ADP National Employment Report and the Labor Department’s jobs report will be released.

Forecasters predict that the U.S unemployment rate remained steady at 9.7 percent. The ADP Employment Report released today  will be a more accurate report of US unemployment since it factors only private-sector payrolls.

Most economist surveyed are optimistic regarding the anticipated April ADP National Employment Report.

For a better sense of the true trend, look at what happens to private payrolls; forecasters expect a gain of 80,000 private-sector jobs, which would be a solid result.

It should be noted that forecasters predicted last month that the March ADP report would show that employers added 40,000 jobs. Unfortunately, in March, ADP reported that employers slashed 23,000 jobs in March. This was likely due to impending legislation that has now placed increased taxes and regulation on business which forces employers within the private sector to shed jobs.

Reason Magazine columnist Tim Cavanaugh reports that private-sector employment likely slightly increased in April,

Outside of the federal government, job creation remains anemic. The ADP employment report scheduled to be released this week is expected to show a very slight increase in private sector job creation, the first since the recession began.

According to the Washington Post, the Labor Department’s jobs report released Friday will show a significant increase in employment,

Analysts are expecting a government report to show the addition of 200,000 jobs on Friday, most of it associated with temporary hiring for the 2010 Census.

Rest assured that the White House will likely use this data to claim that this is evidence that the stimulus is working to recover the economy. Chances are that the White House will fail to mention that much of the so-called recovery is due to the estimated 105,000 temporary Census workers hired in April.  Since the census workers’ pay is funded by taxpayers and the deficit, their hiring does not increase the overall economic pie or represent economic recovery. Government cannot create wealth. It merely takes money away from taxpayers and redistributes it another group of people. The April ADP National Employment Report released today will be a clear picture of US joblessness since it only factors private-sector employment—the key to economic growth.