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Press Release

Property Rights Rallies...A CSE Hero...and the Sawgrass Rebellion


Kathy Van Tuyl would never call herself a hero. But when this member of Oregon's CSE chapter begins talking about her activism in the property rights arena, it is easy to see that she is a very special person.

Kathy begins her interview by saying, "I don't really have a dog in this hunt," meaning that her property rights have not been directly violated by land-grabbing government agencies and their green allies.

Kathy Van Tuyl

Upon reflection, however, she says "I guess that's not really true. I love the God-given freedoms America promises, and I intend to keep them. I've found if you don't appreciate something, you lose it. And that which you won't fight for will be taken away. An assault on any individual freedom is an assault on every American......and should be responded to as such."

"I understand the threat to our freedoms, and the agenda behind it", Kathy continues. "I must oppose it, and I do everything I can to help others see and take a stand."

Kathy Van Tuyl is model for every CSE activist. She manages her own email network which collects and distributes property rights information daily, to hundreds of activists across the country. And she is up to her eyeballs in Sawgrass Rebellion rallies.

The kickoff rally will be held in Klamath Falls, OR, on Sept. 28. The rally will be held from 9:30-10 a.m. on the sidewalk in front of the Klamath County government building on Main Street.

The Klamath convoy will then proceed to Tracy, CA, for a rally on Sept. 29. This rally will begin at 2 p.m., at the Park & Ride lot adjacent to I-205 and the West Valley Mall. The Homestead Land and Water Alliance of Tracy is sponsoring this event. The Future Farmers of America will provide food. Keynote speaker will be U.S. Congressman and property rights supporter Richard Pombo. Other speakers include Leo Bergeron, CEO of the California State Grange, and Michael Shaw of Freedom 21.

On Sept. 30, the convoy will move to Sacramento for another rally. This rally, organized in part by Kathy Van Tuyl, will take place on the steps of the Capitol building from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Assemblyman Mike Briggs and Senator Thomas Oller have also facilitated this rally. Speakers will include legislators, representatives from the California state Grange, Pacific Legal Foundation, and People for the USA. Holly Swanson, author of Set Up and Sold Out, will also speak.

Next week we will provide details on additional rallies, as the convoy moves toward the Sawgrass Rebellion on October 17-18 in Naples, FL, then travels across Alligator Alley to a huge rally in Homestead, FL, on October 19.

CSE members are urged to attend these rallies, and like Kathy Van Tuyl, demonstrate their support for Americans' property rights.