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Press Release

Protest to Free the "Michigan Four" Judicial Nominees


Today Michigan members of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) joined M-Law to deliver three thousand petition signatures to the Lansing office of Senator Carl Levin, demanding that he quit blocking the nominations of the Michigan Four. President Bush has nominated four qualified individuals to fill the four vacancies in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals but Senator Levin and his Michigan colleague Senator Stabenow are blocking them.

The blocked nominations have caused judicial crises around the country, resulting in more summary judgments and rushed decisions. The large number of open seats in the courts is creating a judicial system that is overworked and understaffed. That means Americans are being deprived of their judicial rights as they are forced to wait longer for their day in court and judges are forced to make rushed decisions.

The M-Law/CSE petition drive gives Michigan citizens a chance to make their voices heard on this important issue. Judging by the overwhelming response to the petition on the M-Law website (, Senator Levin does not speak for Michigan citizens when it comes to judicial nominations and those citizens will hold him accountable.

Michigan CSE members staged a protest that included four citizens dressed as judges in robes, bound and gagged to symbolize their captivity.

Steve Russell, a Michigan small business owner who is a member of MI CSE attended the rally and made following comments:

“We’re here to tell Senator Levin to free the Michigan Four. Senator Levin does not represent the people of Michigan when he blocks qualified nominees to fill crucial vacancies on the court.”

“Everyday those seats remain vacant, more Michigan citizens are deprived of their judicial rights. Michigan needs those seats filled.”

Photos from the Rally:

CSE Michigan members and M-LAW's President Robert Dorigo Jones
(wearing blazer and tie) present the petitions to Senate staff.