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Press Release

The Raleigh Report: July 25, 2006



p>Special Telecom Update 


Late last week, North Carolina Governor, Mike Easley signed into law, H2047, “Video Service Competition Act”.  The passage of H2047 means that North Carolina will join a national trend of competition in the video services industry.  The passage represents a significant victory for the consumers of North Carolina and for North Carolina FreedomWorks.

On behalf of North Carolina FreedomWorks, I would like to extend a special thank-you to the bill sponsors.  Thank you to Representative Becky Carney, Representative Paul Luebke, Representative Danny McComas, and Representative William Wainwright.  Thank you also to co-sponsors:  Representatives Adams, Brubaker, Church, Faison, Hill, and Wilkins.  S1559 was the companion bill to H2047.  A special thank you to Senator Daniel Clodfelter who sponsored S1559 and championed cable choice in the Senate.  Thank you also to Senate co-sponsors:  Senators Dalton, Hartsell, Hoyle, Kerr, and Webster.

The passage of cable choice in North Carolina is the result of many months of work and compromise.  The bill came through the Revenue Laws Study Committee to be heard in the House Committee on Finance where it was heavily debated and numerous attempts to amend were soundly defeated.  From House Finance, H2047 traveled to the Senate Committee on Commerce and then the Senate Committee on Finance.  A significant moment in the process came when sponsor Representative Carney rose to explain the bill on the floor of the House.  Representative Carney, referring to cable choice as, “the consumer’s bill” began her remarks by exclaiming, “I submit to you my colleagues that this is an exciting day for the consumers of North Carolina!”

Representative Carney, we completely agree.  H2047, “Video Service Competition Act” is indeed “the consumer’s bill”.  Cable choice does indeed represent “an exciting day for the consumers of North Carolina”!

Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the passage of North Carolina cable choice a reality.  Thank you for your attendance at committee meetings, your calls, your letters, and your e-mails. Yet again, the success of our efforts really does show that in the words of FreedomWorks President and CEO, Matt Kibbe, “Government goes to those who show up”!