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The Real Obama-EPA Agenda: Utility MACT

Former EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz testified this morning in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Senator Inhofe—Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works—released this video highlighting a number of different Obama EPA administrators pushing the war on fossil fuels, in favor of creating a green “way of life”.  What they neglect to mention when raving about moving to green energy, are the devastating effects Americans across the country will feel as a result: through job loss, surging energy costs, and decreased reliability as energy is removed from the grid. 

President Obama may be accused of “double-speak” with respect to energy policy.  While running for president, his real feelings were expressed, saying that coal-fired plants could be built, but under his administration they would be so heavily regulated and taxed they’d never survive.  More recently, while visiting the gas and oil heartland he spoke of his support for an “all-the-above” energy plan and took credit for the recent boom in the industry. Since that speech, he has handpicked “green generals” to diligently enforce his war on coal and affordable energy, allowing him to distance himself from his economy killing agenda.  

Senator Inhofe put together the video to expose the truth about the Obama administration’s agenda; publicizing various EPA regional administrators’ attitudes towards coal and fossil fuels. Former Regional Administrator Armendariz went as far as to compare the administration’s war on fossil fuels to the Romans conquering of little villages and crucifying villagers.  

Armendariz, Blumenfeld, and other EPA regional administrators are captured on the video hinting towards the EPA’s distain for fossil fuels, but EPA Regional Administrator Curt Spalding not only confirmed, but acknowledged that the agency intentionally and purposefully decided to wage a war and bring down the fossil fuel industry.  He even admitted that there would be devastating effects for coal communities, but that it was what the policy and law requires.  

The administration also isn’t afraid to admit that money collected from taxpayers will be used to prop up green energy companies, even as they end in disaster.  Solyndra—a green energy solar firm—received a loan for $535 million from the federal government to expand green energy generation. They are now bankrupt and a complete failure and the supposed “brighter and more prosperous future” is nowhere to be seen.  

EPA regional administrator Enck, called the Obama- EPA a “mean, green, job creating machine”.  The Obama-EPA—with its unnecessary and extreme regulations on fossil fuels—is  rather a mean, costly job killing machine; destroying 1.6 million American jobs from all sectors of the economy and costing $300 to $400 billion a year. 

So where is the silver lining, the amazing benefits Americans will receive from the regulations? Well, even Administrator Enck admitted the green agenda will have little overall effect on the reduction and improvement of greenhouse gases. 

Call your Senators today and tell them you’re tired of the EPA running ramped over American jobs and reliable energy and demand their support for Senator Inhofe’s Joint Resolution 37—a resolution to stop the EPA’s Utility MACT—the most costly regulation the agency has ever promulgated.    

John Walke

There is not a word of substance about the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants (Utility MACT) in this article. These health standards are reuired by the Clean Air Act. Are you anti-Rule of Law? These standards will prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths, 5,000 heart attacks and 130,000 asthma attacks very year. Are you against these health benefits? These health standards have annual benefits of up to $90 billion, outweighing costs by 9:1. Do you not care about benefit-cost analysis? There sure is a lot of ad hominem attack in this article but nothing else that supports abolishing Mercury and Air Toxic Standards that reduce mercury, arsenic, lead, dioxins and acid gases. Senator Inhofe's resolution is irresponsible and you do no favors to your readers by woodenly endorsing it while offering zero facts about what it would mean.

Brad Armentrout

MACT claims to target atmospheric Mercury (US power plants emit 44 tons of some 9000 tons put into Earth's atmosphere annually, more than half from volcanoes) but this is just a proxy for targeting coal.

These ridiculous claims of health savings are just smoke for those easily distracted. That's how EPA plays their game of destroying American industries; hilariously exaggerated claims of benefits, and wildly understated estimates of costs.

The intent of MACT is to fulfill candidate Obama's 2008 promise to 'bankrupt the coal industry.' Why would anyone who loved America or Americans speak of destroying an entire industry?

America is the target to be destroyed for all who hate freedom. The Environmental movement has become the home to those who hate America and her success. EPA is the weapon they use to destroy America's industries.