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Real Talk with Julie Borowski: ObamaCare Ad Episode #1

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to introduce a new video series called Real Talk with Julie Borowski. #RealTalkJBro

The first episode is an ad for ObamaCare. You know those medication ads you see on television that list out tons of side effects? Well, we all know that ObamaCare is full of negative unintended consequences: hikes in the price of health insurance, people losing their current health care plans, people being shifted from full time to part time work, etc. I thought it would be fun to do a parody of those commercials as if I'm selling ObamaCare. Except it's a bit hard to sell a product that is just so terrible.

Special thanks to FreedomWorks production manager Trey Grover for editing the video. (Check out the beach scene. It's ridiculous.)

We hope to put out a new Real Talk with Julie Borowski video every week. The goal is to educate about free market policies in a fun and entertaining way. We hope to be able to reach new audiences and get them interested in liberty.

Please let us know what you think!