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Regulatory Roundup: State Of Play With The EPA

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What is the latest in our efforts to stop the Environmental Protection Agency? The TRAIN Act, designed to rein in the EPA, has passed the House and has moved to the Senate. 

In addition, Sen. Rand Paul has introduced a resolution under the Congressional Review Act, that would have Congress reject the EPA’s costly air transport rule. What does this mean? FreedomWorks Vice President of Research Dr. Wayne Brough explains in this week's Regulatory Roundup!

It's hard to stop an agency, because the people who run them are appointed, not elected. While Congress is debating it, we can make our voices heard and ask them to support limiting the EPA's power. Call your Senator now and ask them to support the Train Act and Senator Paul's Resolution of Disapproval!

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John Stewart

This bureaucracy was created to improve the environment, all well and good, it was also created with ulterior motives. They are coming into play today, a shortcut to socialism. What Congress gives, Congress can and should take away when that entity becomes omnipotent, and a tool for a corrupt regime. The EPA is responsible for driving more jobs and companies off shore than any administration or political party could ever accomplish.

Steven G Bruno

It is time to put a stop to this Powerful EPA,they have interfered with the lives of too many people,and not in a good way for WAY to long.The only thing I can see that is endangered are the AMERICAN PEOPLE.. The EPA has a SOCIALIST desease,they seem to find the strangest endangered species in the strangest of locations.And even some that might be endangered but they aren't sure,like the lizard near the oil wells??????

Anne Hansen

All of these regulations are preventing people from growing their own food, milking their own cows, letting their kids sell anything in their own front yards to earn a little money, or numerous other new regs. The EPA was started for a noble purpose but is way out of control infringing on all of our rights.

eddyjames's picture
Edward James

Hard to stop the EPA? Disband the EPA with a act from congress, don't appropriate any money for their schemes. Vote Obama out then fire any one that ever was appointed by a Democrat. Then close them down.