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Reid Signals Senate Support for DISCLOSE Act


Senators Reid and Schumer have promised their counterparts in the House that the Senate will take up the DISCLOSE Act if it passes this week giving Dems who may have been on the fence about voting for the controversial measure some cover. 

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Rules Committee chairman Bob Brady (D-PA), Reid and Senate Rules Committee chair Chuck Schumer promise to work on the bill once the House passes it.

"Currently, the Senate companion has 50 sponsors. We commit to working tirelessly for Senate consideration of the House-passed bill so it can be signed by the President in time to take effect for the 2010 elections," Reid and Schumer wrote.

Senate support is key to the bill's fate in the House. With the Chamber of Commerce gearing up to run ads in DC publications knocking the measure, nervous Dems facing re-election bids this year don't want to take a difficult vote if the bill is only going to die in the Senate.

We need to light up the House phone lines today to stop this bill before it can gain any more ground. Click here to call your Congressman.