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Reject Occupy Wall Street!

It’s time we reject the hate coming from Occupy Wall Street, a movement, which to represent 99% of Americans. After three years of being accused of racism, violent rhetoric, and holding America hostage, a movement has finally risen to the occasion: Occupy Wall Street.

Beyond the class warfare rhetoric of the radical left, Occupy Wall Street is now lashing out at the Jewish people. 


Sign this petition to say that Occupy Wall Street does NOT speak for you!

RichardTaylorAPP's picture
Richard TaylorAPP

What I do not see in any of the reports about Occupy Wall street, is the discussion on <b>state born <a href=" PRIVILEGES</u></a></b><u><br>
And it is clear, because both enjoy the use of that which should not exist in a free country.<br>
<a href=""><br>
American Patriot Party.CC</a><br>

roger campbell

No OWS and the tea party have a lot in common. The divide and conquor left/right thing is what should be rejected.

roger campbell

It's all propaganda. If you think that the tea party or OWS is overwhelmingly racist, anti-semitic; sexist;violent; etc.,check where you get your information from. Apparently, some people still believe the lies coming from the media.

BObby Valentine

Occupy Wall Street is long overdue no matter what Tabitha says. The big banks think they own everything, and it’s up to us to show them who has control of our money. Bank Transfer Day is on Saturday and everyone is encouraged to move their money from a big bank to a credit union. has videos showing just how the 1% views the 99%. Also, great info on credit unions, if you’re thinking of making the switch, even if not on Saturday.

Manchu Scout

Take some valuable advice from a full-time Jew, Tabitha, blow it out your ass!

Dan Chisholm

Today’s actions by President Obama’s Super PAC provided even more proof that Mitt Romney is the republican that scares democrats most. This anti-Romney ad buy is $100,000 and it’s far from the first anti-Romney attack ad President Obama’s Super PAC has produced. The continued paid attacks this early in the election illustrate a level of desperation from the Obama administration that makes sense considering President Obama’s record of accomplishment is so weak.