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Press Release

RESCHEDULED: Take Back the Commonwealth Day

Come to Richmond and tell your leaders that freedom works.

With the Great Virginia Flu of 2008 finally fading, FreedomWorks activists will be meeting in Richmond on Thursday, February 28 to take the FreedomWorks message of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom to senators and delegates.

Activists will have the chance to lobby their leaders directly, to tell them you’ve had enough of their reckless borrowing and nanny-state tactics.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Participants will be meeting at 9am at Becky’s, a restaurant on the corner of 2nd and Cary streets, for breakfast and briefings before storming the capital.

Our big issues will be fiscal discipline in Richmond - legislators shouldn't try to fill budget holes with borrowing or more taxes - and government regulations - Virginia's plan to stifle paycheck advances limits the financial choices of residents.

If you would like to join in, contact Nan Swift, FreedomWorks campaign coordinator,, 202-942-7675.

Keep up the good fight and help us bring freedom back to the Commonwealth!


Nan Swift
Campaign Coordinator