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Press Release

Season’s Greetings from FreedomWorks Washington


2006 has been a productive year for FreedomWorks Washington. Some of our highlights include:

A FreedomWorks Day at the Capitol in Olympia. Activists participated in a tour of the newly renovated capitol, listened to policy briefings from some of the state’s premier think tanks, and had the opportunity to personally lobby their legislators for lower taxes and less government.

The formation and growth of our Congressional Action Team. We placed hundreds of phone calls, and sent thousands of letters and emails to our congressional delegation in support of the freedom agenda. We now have members in each congressional district ready and willing to activate in the upcoming session of Congress.

We initiated a pilot project supporting property rights in southwest Washington. FreedomWorks concentrated efforts on a specific section of the Cowlitz River where landowners were losing property due to complicated government rules and regulations. We led a boat tour for elected and appointed officials, planned a FreedomWorks community rally and numerous meetings, and have been able to bring this project to the forefront for government action.

Taxpayer Protection Pledge. In an effort to keep property taxes from further skyrocketing, we distributed pledge sheets to each candidate running for the state legislature. The pledge asked the candidates to support legislation reenacting Initiative 747, the 1% cap on property taxes. We received numerous pledges from key legislators and legislation is being drafted for the 2007 session.

We have grown from 14,000 to 21,000 members. This is the result of numerous statewide speaking engagements, participation at public and community events, and local efforts to recruit and train new members.

None of these things could have been accomplished without your help and your participation, both of which are sincerely appreciated. As we move forward into 2007 we hope we can continue to count on your support and enthusiasm.

As a special request, I would like to remind you that the Washington State chapter of FreedomWorks is funded solely by those that specifically direct their contributions to our state. As we head into the new year, I hope that you will consider donating to our efforts so we can keep a strong presence throughout 2007 in Washington! To contribute online click here.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year,
Jamie Daniels
State Director
FreedomWorks Washington