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Press Release

Senator Rand Paul and FreedomWorks Offer President Obama Lawsuit Settlement Option

Originally Published in RandPAC on 3/26/14.

WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier this week, President Obama indicated that he would like to end the collection of metadata by the National Security Agency. Rand Paul and FreedomWorks are currently plaintiffs in Federal District Court over this issue. While the White House has indicated that new legislation is needed to end mass data collection, a court settlement would put an immediate halt to this illegal and unconstitutional activity.

Lead Counsel Ken Cuccinelli sent a letter today to the Department of Justice outlining the terms of a settlement which would accomplish exactly what the White House has called for in the press.

“If the White House is serious, they don’t need to wait for legislation from Congress. They can act today to settle this matter. They should stop collecting phone data. They should acknowledge they need a warrant to access such information in the future and they should accept that this data is protected by our Fourth Amendment rights,” said Rand Paul.

Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks added, “It’s interesting that the President chooses civil liberties to drag his feet when it comes to using his ‘pen and his phone.’ Settling the lawsuit with Rand Paul and FreedomWorks would restore the rights of every American with a phone to protection from unwarranted searches and seizures. While we still need to continue the fight to protect our rights online, settling our lawsuit would be a good start.”

Rmsuggsjr's picture

" While the White House has indicated that new legislation is needed to end mass data collection"
This is the crap from DC that pisses me off more than just about anything. Why is legislation needed when the supreme law of the land already says it is illegal? I'm sick of DC ignoring the law. That makes them all criminals. Let us punish them already.