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Senator Toomey's Budget Added to the FreedomWorks Budget Report Card

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) has released his “Restoring Balance” budget plan, giving voters yet another specific proposal from the Republican side of the aisle on how to cut spending and balance the budget.

The Toomey budget joins a number of proposals ranging from President Obama’s budget (which NEVER balances and which received ZERO votes in the House last month) to Senator Rand Paul’s bold “Platform to Revitalize America” (which balances by 2017 and eliminates four cabinet departments), to Congressman Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” (which passed the House last month).

(Meanwhile, Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in three years.)

How does Senator Toomey’s proposal stack up compared to the rest?

Check out the newly updated FreedomWorks Budget Report Card to find out!