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Press Release

    Sixty-Four Tea Party Groups Sign onto the “Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge” During FreedomWorks Grassroots Boot Camp

    WASHINGTON, DC- This weekend, FreedomWorks hosted over 150 of the top Tea Party, 9-12 and liberty- loving allies from about 40 states for a grassroots training boot camp.  After hours of lengthy, thoughtful discussion on the federal budget and national debt, the following 64 groups, have joined FreedomWorks and many of its allies in the “Cut Cap and Balance Pledge” coalition. 

    The purpose of the coalition is to push Senators and House Members to sign the “Cut Cap and Balance Pledge,” a plan to ensure permanent change is brought to Washington before even considering raising the debt ceiling. The plan includes immediate spending cuts, a serious cap on federal spending, and passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment that includes a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes. 

    “It’s time to force Washington to live within its means,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “On May 16th, the United States officially hit its $14.3 trillion statutory debt limit. We don’t have the luxury of time anymore to keep putting off these tough decisions. The spending spree has to stop. A Balanced Budget Amendment is an effective way to permanently change the culture of spending in Washington.”

    The local groups signing on to the Pledge today include:

    • Abigail Adams Tea Party Patriots
    • Adventures into the Constitution
    • Alliance for Independent Long Island
    • America Refocused
    • Broke With Hope
    • Carolina Patriots
    • Common Sense Tea Party Patriots of Covington County 
    • Concerned Americans of Lee County
    • Conservative Liberty Alliance
    • Conservative Society for Action
    • Davis County 9/12 Project
    • Decatur/Morgan County Fair Tax
    • Delaware Conservative Coalition
    • Eastern NC FreedomWorks
    • Fairfield County Tea Party
    • Frederick Douglas Republicans
    • Ft. Mitchell Patriots
    • GPS Conservatives for Action
    • Greenville Tea Party
    • Hispanic Conservative Coalition, NOVA
    • Hoosiers for Conservative Senate
    • Houston Tea Party Society
    • Indiana Land Action Council
    • Katy Tea Party Patriots
    • Kershaw Country Patriots
    • Ladies for Liberty of Fairfield County, CT
    • Liberty TEA Party Patriots
    • Linn County Republican Central Committee – Oregon
    • Miami County Liberty
    • MontCo Patriots
    • Myrtle Beach Tea Party
    • National Capital Tea Party Patriots
    • NC FreedomWorks
    • North Central West Virginia Tea Party
    • North Country Patriots
    • Northern Westchester Tea Party
    • Orange-Sullivan Tea Party
    • Republican Liberty Caucus of Utah
    • Salt Lake City 9/12
    • Salt Lake County Republican Assembly
    • SC District 5 Patriots
    • SCAA
    • Silent No More (Connecticut)
    • Smart Girl Politics
    • Tea Party 365
    • Tea Party in Action
    • Tea Party Patriots for George Allen
    • TEA Party Time
    • Team Watch NY CD 19
    • The Conservative Messenger
    • The S.T.A.R. Forum
    • Tyler Tea Party
    • Utah County 9/12
    • Utah Rising
    • Utah Tea Party
    • VA Voter
    • Waccamawneck Republican Club
    • We the People of Hampshire County, WV
    • We the People NC Inc.
    • Weber County, Utah 9/12 Project
    • Wetumpka TEA Party
    • White Plains Tea Party
    • Wiregrass Patriots
    • WV Metro Valley Patriots Tea Party

    For more information about the “Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge,” visit