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    Smear Campaigns: How we can fight back

    The Left is escalating their attacks against Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party movement. The movement that the Left and the media have laughed off for over a year now as a radical fringe of racists, bigots, homophobes, and domestic terrorists has come to pose a serious threat to the entitlement establishment and to the agenda that the Democrats promised their base. Now, they’re lashing out. They’re fabricating stories which are later disavowed. There is talk of infiltrating upcoming events. Attacks on organizations and individuals have increased.

    To provide an example, the FreedomWorks office recently received this postcard in the mail (offensive language):


    The return address listed Kim Hendren. Kim Hendren is a Republican in the Arkansas state legislature who is running for US Senate in 2010. To state the obvious, it would bring stupid to a new level to send something like this on an open postcard and list your name and address – especially if you were running for office. After we received a second installment of the hate-filled postcards, the FreedomWorks staff did some digging. We contacted Kim Hernden’s office and questioned him about it, and he filled us in on the smear campaigns against him. He’s been on the receiving end of relentless political attacks throughout his campaign, and was honestly not surprised that someone had taken to writing hate-speech in his name.

    The attacks on the good people that are showing up are being used to change the subject. This is race baiting in reverse, and it needs to stop. The Democratic machine has smeared the Tea Party from the very beginning, saying that these people aren’t real and are driven by race and hate. Nancy Pelosi even went as far as suggesting that they were Nazis. These tactics are damaging to the fabric that holds us all together as a country.

    So how do we fight back? Retaliation is not the answer. Going toe to toe with those who seek to destroy you rarely proves beneficial. This is our opportunity as a movement and as lovers of liberty to rise above it and come out on top. Show up at your local events and remember why you’re there.

    Are you attending a Tax Day Tea Party? If can make it, FreedomWorks and a slew of co-sponsors are hosting the DC Tax Day Tea Party on the lawn of the Washington Monument. If that’s not possible, attend a local Tea Party.

    Right now, we have the opportunity to take America back and rediscover our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The sleeping giant has awoken, and the Washington establishment is being forced to reevaluate. Stand up, stay focused, and continue America’s fight to stay free.

    See you on Tax Day.