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Smith wants Internet sales tax-free. Sierra Club calls for higher fuel economy

on 5/28/01.

CONCORD - Senator Bob Smith hopes to make a temporary federal moratorium on Internet sales taxes and related levies permanent, the state branch of Citizens for a Sound Economy said last week.

The 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act now forbids states from taxing electronic commerce. However, that prohibition will only remain in effect through October of this year. On May 21, Sen. Smith introduced legislation in Congress that would make the ban permanent. Citizens for a Sound Economy is a Washington, D.C. -based lobbying group.


Sierra Club calls for higher fuel economy

CONCORD -- The Sierra Club has called on President Bush to raise fuel economy standards for American automobiles, saying it would save the nation's drivers hundreds of dollars each year and cut pollution.

The environmentalist lobbying group said a fuel standard of 45 miles per gallon would result in new cars emitting one-third less carbon dioxide than cars on the roads now. In addition, higher fuel standards would save a typical American car driver between $ 340 and $ 558 per year, the group said, based on a gas price of $ 2 per gallon.

Right now, automakers must ensure the average fuel efficiency of cars they build is at least 27.5 miles per gallon. Light trucks, including SUVs, are held to lower fuel economy standards.