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    Social Security: Congress and the President Manipulate Workers' Earnings


    Democracy and Power 103:  Government money

    In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.
    – Voltaire (1764)

    The money taxed and spent by politicians comes from the labor and ingenuity of millions of working people.  Politicians spend other peoples’ money.   Then, the politician transfers money from productive people to favored special-interest groups.

    Social Security: Congress and the President Manipulate Workers Earnings

    President Obama wants to cut the Social Security tax paid by working Americans.  In an obvious election-year pander, the President stated the following in a campaign speech, as reported by Real Clear Politics:

     "I need you to tell Congress where your priorities lie,” Obama said. “Members of Congress -- they work for you. . . . Send your senators a message. Tell them, ‘Don’t be a Grinch. . . . Don’t vote to raise taxes on working Americans during the holidays. Make sure to renew unemployment insurance during the holidays. Stop saying “no” to steps that would make our economy stronger. Put our country before party. Put money back into the pockets of working Americans. Do your job. Pass this bill.’ ”

    Actually, in an attempt to stimulate the economy over the past few years, employees received a reduction for their portion of the Social Security and Medicare tax.  Soon the reduction will end and the President is now asking for a tax-cut from historic norms, which is contrary to his pandering -Don’t be a Grinch. . . . Don’t vote to raise taxes on working Americans during the holidays.

    Okay - you're right - all politicians obfuscate and pander. However, what the President is not telling the American worker is that their taxes will go up – substantially.  The President, Congress and most Americans know that Social Security and Medicare are broke – bankrupt, in fact.  Guess who is going to get an enormous tax increase to pay for Social Security and Medicare?   YOU!   The burden won’t be on the immoral manipulators – Presidents and Members of Congress.  No.  It will be on working Americans.

    In response to the President, Republicans also pandered and manipulate.  The following is McConnell’s answer.

    Republicans will put aside their misgivings and support this extension, not because we believe, as the president does, that another short-term stimulus will turn this economy around,” the Kentucky Republican said, “but because we know it will give some relief to struggling workers out there who continue to need it nearly three years into this presidency. Americans shouldn’t have to suffer any more than they already are for the Democrats’ failed economic policies.

    There is an important lesson in this exchange between opposing politicians, they manipulate and use working Americans money for the politicians' short-term gain.  Everything said by both politicians is for the short-term gain of being elected and controlling the power of government.

    As to Social Security and Medicare, there is a more important lesson.  Government has taken 15.3% of every worker’s earnings.  For the last 40 years, politicians have manipulated and used this money in countless schemes to buy votes.  Politicians will continue to misuse this money.  Only personal accounts, where the worker invests and owns, at least,  their portion of the Social Security and Medicare tax, will protect the worker and stop this immoral raid and distribution ploys by Presidents and Members of Congress.

    Marvin Wade

    Why do I seem to be the only one railing against the total unfairness of this "stimulus" which is being perpetrated at the expense of the viability of the Social Security Program while denying the recipients (who no longer pay payroll taxes) any benefit whatsoever from it. At least the people that would be benefiting from this tax cut have jobs and probably received a raise within the last 2 years - not so with the recipients of Social Security. If a tax cut is deemed necessary or beneficial, it should come from the FEDERAL INCOME TAX, where the most needy of us could participate. This appears to be just another UNION (the most protected worker class) bill by the Democrats that ignore those on fixed or no income. And it is extremely disappointing to see the Republican leadership go along with it.

    teda's picture
    Ted Abram


    If you had the opportunity to invested 7.65% (your share of the Social Security and Medicare tax) you could make the decisions for yourself. People in Chile had the choice as did public employee in three Texas counties. The people with personal accounts have more money and more freedom.

    Personal accounts are essential to stop the politicians from raiding and manipulating the benefits bestowed by Social Security and Medicare.