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Press Release

Social Security Report: August/September 2005


North Carolina FreedomWorks activists met with Senator Burr outside the Capitol. After this meeting, Burr’s colleague, Senator Jim DeMint, recognized FreedomWorks activists and offered to give them a tour of the White House. He said that he appreciated their hard work and dedication to the cause.

"It's time to kill the death tax once and for all." – Congressman Patrick McHenry

Florida FreedomWorks activists meet with their Congressmen.

Regional Fly-Ins List of Office Visits

- Staff of Senator Feinstein
- Staff of Senator Boxer
- Congressman Jerry Lewis
- Congressman David Dreier

- Congressman Roy Blunt
- Congressman Todd Akin
- Congressman Kenny Hulshof

- Senator John Cornyn staff
- Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison staff
- Congressman Pete Sessions
- Congressman Mike Conaway
- Congressman Kay Granger
- Congressman Randy Neusebauer

- Congressman John Sullivan
- Congressman Ernest Istook

North Carolina
- Senator Elizabeth Dole
- Senator Richard Burr
- Congressman Patrick McHenry
- Congressman Virginia Foxx
- Congressman Howard Coble
- Congressman Robin Hayes
- Congressman Sue Myrick
- Congressman Charles Taylor
- Congressman G.K. Butterfield
- Congressman Walter Jones staff

South Carolina
- Senator Lindsey Graham staff

- Senator Richard Shelby staff
- Congressman Robert "Bud" Cramer staff

- Congressman Tom Price
- Congressman John Linder staff

- Senator Bill Frist staff
- Senator Lamar Alexander staff
- Congressman Bill Jenkins staff
- Congressman Marsha Blackburn staff

- Senator Mel Martinez staff
- Congressman Jim Davis staff
- Congressman Jeff Miller
- Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart staff
- Congressman Clay Shaw staff
- Congressman Connie Mack staff
- Congressman Dave Weldon
- Congressman Adam Putnam
- Congressman John Mica
- Congressman Ander Crenshaw
- Congressman Mark Foley staff
- Congressman C.W. Bill Young staff
- Congressman Tom Feeney
- Congressman Ric Keller staff
- Congressman Ginny Brown-Waite
- Congressman Michael Bilirakis

- Senator Maria Cantwell
- Senator Patty Murray staff
- Congressman Jay Inslee staff
- Congressman Rick Larsen staff
- Congressman Adam Smith staff
- Congressman Norm Dicks staff
- Congressman Dave Reichert staff
- Congressman Kathy McMorris
- Congressman Doc Hastings staff
- Congressman Jim McDermott staff
- Congressman Baird staff

- Senator Gordon Smith staff
- Congressman Ron Wyden staff
- Congressman Greg Walden staff
- Congressman David Wu staff
- Congressman Darlene Hooley staff

- Congressman Chris Cannon staff

- Congressman Dave Camp
- Congressman Joe Schwarz
- Congressman Joseph Knollenberg
- Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

- Congressman Bernard Sanders

- Congressman Paul Ryan
- Congressman Mark Green
- Congressman James Sensenbrenner

"Congressman Burgess's assistant said that she was very familiar with FreedomWorks and its work."

"Congressman Tom Price asked for FreedomWorks' support for one of his recently introduced bills. He stated that he was on board with the Freedom Agenda, and would like to see his bill listed on our Issue Brief."