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South Carolina Senate Throws Thousands of Kids Aside to Take Photos

In a stunning act of political kowtowing  to the establishment, the South Carolina Senate ignored the will of the people by failing to take H.4894 up for a vote.  Instead they chose to spend their time having a group picture taking session to honor retiring senators and their staff.  After months of hard work from thousands of activists and dozens of tea party groups, H.4894 was one step from a potential vote.  However three senators, John Courson, Larry Martin, and Wes Hayes prevented any debate, allowing for the session to expire, in effect killing the bill.  This stunning move shows just how out of touch politicians remain.  H.4894 had bi-partisan support, passed the House in historic fashion and, had it become law, would have helped thousands of children escape from failing schools. 

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which tests 4th and 8th graders in reading and math, South Carolina ranks 50th in the nation with less than 28% of all 4th graders scoring proficient. This begs the question, what on earth are these politicians thinking?  If they were elected to serve the people of South Carolina, how could they allow for something like this to happen?  The answer we may never know, however what we do know is that South Carolina’s children are being held hostage by the inaction of politicians year after year.  For over a decade, activists across South Carolina have been fighting for school choice and education reform.  Groups from both sides of the aisle including over 20,000 FreedomWorks members in the state have been working day in and day out to secure a better future for their kids and grandkids. Yet, at the end of the day, their efforts are torpedoed by the neglect of the legislature.  Politicians continue to make excuses; no wonder they call the South Carolina Senate, “the place where good bills go to die.” 

This year seemed different.  With an historic victory in the South Carolina House, H.4894 passed by a fifteen vote margin despite failing by just one vote the year prior. With grassroots support, H.4894 sailed through Senate committees and was scheduled to be debated on the Senate floor with a very real chance of becoming law. That is until the Senate decided to play politics throwing thousands of under privileged and special needs students under the bus.  These politicians should be ashamed of themselves and their willful ignorance toward the voters as they heighten their own sense of importance.  They are directly to blame for hurting these children and continuing a legacy of excuses inherent in the South Carolina Senate.

So with this in mind, on behalf of myself, FreedomWorks and our activists, the voters of South Carolina and, most importantly, their children, Senators Wes Hayes, John Courson, and Larry Martin, shame on you and shame on the entire South Carolina Senate.

marlajean hamby

Since this didn't pass lets go for the whole thing when they reconvene. No tax deductions, just straight out the money follows the child where ever they go. This bill was a first step towards that goal. Lets get motivated and really have school choice, show our elected officials they can't ignore us any longer. We need to primary these Senators when they come up next time. Can you say RINO HUNT.

Will Beddingfield

as a native of SC, i am disgusted at this outrageous act by the senate. i have first-hand knowledge of the public school system, and it is a failure, just as it is in every state. i have two relatives in a private school there, and they are exceeding well above their grade level. all this is due to their parent's willingness to seek something better for their children.

No wonder SC ranks so low on the national educational rankings. It is "politicians" like this who keep them there.

Joe Howe

Not all Republicans are conservatives. These three guys have held public offices for a long time. They don't seem to understand what's going on in our country. The USA lags behind many countries scholastically, and ignorant people let the government take all the power. They can be voted OUT.

Melanie Branham

It's time these guys moved out. Shame on our Republican senators. You will be hearing from me- as a mother and as a Republican who understands that our reputation could affect the next 4 years