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State Treasurer

on 6/2/02.

State treasurer The pay: $66,722 The duties: Custodian for all state funds and responsible for paying state debts.


Stephen Black Date of birth: Oct. 24, 1970. Residence: Birmingham.
Education: Bachelor's degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1993, law degree from Yale University in 1997. Professional experience: Worked for a Birmingham law firm from 1997 to February 2000, then spent a year working as a special assistant to Gov. Don Siegelman before returning to the law firm this month. Political experience: Making his first bid for public office, but has been around politics much of his life. His father served as a state senator in New Mexico, and his grandfather served as a U.S. senator from Alabama and U.S. Supreme Court justice.

Greg Foster Date of birth: June 26, 1973. Residence: Tuscaloosa. Education: Bachelor's degree from University of Alabama, master's degree in public policy at Harvard. Professional experience: Director for sales and marketing for Latin America and the Caribbean for Masonite International Corp. Bilingual, Spanish and English. Adjunct instructor of international financial management and macro economics. Political background: Campaign manager in circuit judge race in Tuscaloosa County.

Carol Jean Smith Date of birth: Oct. 12, 1947. Residence: Montgomery.
Education: Bachelor's degree from Jacksonville State University in 1970, law degree from University of Alabama in 1973. Professional Experience: Worked as law clerk at Alabama Supreme Court in 1973; joined the attorney general's staff in 1974; currently serving as chief of the attorney general's opinions division. Political background: Making first race for public office.


Twinkle Andress Date of birth: March 10, 1966. Residence: Montgomery.
Education: Graduated from Auburn University. Political background: Former finance director and executive director of Alabama Republican Party, former staff member Republican National Committee in Washington, former director of constituent affairs for Republican U.S. Rep. Sonny Callahan of Mobile. Professional background: Former owner of a Steak-Out franchise, resigned recently as state director of Citizens for a Sound Economy.

Kay Ivey Date of birth: June 15, 1944. Residence: Montgomery. Education: Bachelor's degree from Auburn University in 1967. Professional background: Taught school in 1968-69; worked for Merchants National Bank in Mobile in 1970-79, rising to assistant vice president and serving as president of the Alabama Young Bankers Association; served in Gov. Fob James' Cabinet in 1980-82, first as executive assistant for social services and then as assistant director of the Alabama Development Office; reading clerk for the Alabama House in 1982; an assistant administrator at St. Margaret's Hospital in Montgomery in 1983-84; director of government affairs and communications for the Alabama Commission on Higher Education from 1985 until retiring in 1998. Political background: Finished second in the Democratic race for state auditor in 1982.

Lisa Wallace Date of birth: Oct. 15, 1946. Residence: Homewood. Education: Graduate, University of Alabama, did post graduate work at Alabama and UAB. Professional background: Former elementary and high school math teacher, former vice president of family business. Political background: Former first lady, married to Gov. George Wallace, campaign worker in one of Wallace's presidential campaigns.