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    State of the Union is… Leaderless


    …. use it (the coercive power of government) for imposing their favorite projects upon their fellows is what they understand as the adventure of governing men. They are, thus, disposed to recognize government as an instrument of passion; the art of politics is to inflame and direct desire.

    Michael Oakeshott – English political philosopher 1901-1990


    State of the Union is… Leaderless

    President Obama envisions his duty as President is to use the force of government to impose his preferred projects.  In the State of the Union speech he intended to inflame and direct Americans to the central projects of his presidency:  ObamaCare, mass transportation, and green energy.  Without question, President Obama will take billions of dollars from working Americans and future workers to impose his list of priorities.

    Appreciating the acute danger of America’s crushing debt burden, Ruth Marcus in Real Clear Politics writes of the President’s vacuum of leadership:  The state of the union is ... leaderless.  

    To the contrary, the president has gigantic priorities, particularly green energy, mass transportation and ObamaCare.  Dangerously, the debt is not one of his priorities.  Thus, for two years President Obama increased the debt and poured money toward his supporters on Wall Street, AIG, banks, states and local governments.  Undoubtedly, Obama intended to impose a value added tax (VAT) tax to pay for his selected projects.  The VAT was derailed by the Tea Party movement, but will be considered after the 2012 election.

    As to the debt, which truly threatens western civilization, what did the President suggest?  The president extended a federal pay freeze, and said,  "To make further progress, we have to stop pretending that cutting this kind of spending alone will be enough.  It won't."  Marcus commented:  Except the president then offered nothing else of substance about what else he envisioned -- and would be willing to push for.

    Dangerously, concerning America’s gigantic debt, President Obama refuses to lead.  Tragically, the President sees the art of politics is to inflame and direct desire, and he intends to direct we the Americas to his priorities and agendas.