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Is the stimulus money being spent wisely? You decide

Stimulus Watch, a group that aims to hold public officials accountable for the taxpayer money that they spend, recently launched a new version of its website:  While the original site featured proposed stimulus projects taken from the U.S. Conference of Mayors survey, the new version contains actual stimulus spending collected from the official recipient reports available at

The site allows you to search stimulus projects by keyword, federal agency or city and state.  Once you have found a project of interest, you can decide whether or not you approve of how your tax dollars are being spent by voting on it.  A list of the most and least popular projects can be seen on the site’s homepage.  You can also leave a personal comment on a given project or debate its merits with other users. makes it easy to navigate through and to express your disapproval of the numerous wasteful projects funded by the $787 billion stimulus package.  More importantly, it provides citizens with another means by which to hold their public officials accountable.