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Press Release

Stop New Gas Taxes in Oregon

Oregon’s Governor Kulongoski just proposed a new increase in the gas tax, along with other hikes in vehicle titling fees, and annual registration fees.  The Governor says that his tax and spend plan is “the way to get Oregon out of this economic crisis.”  It’s hard to think of a time when spending money and taxing people more helped anyone in an economic crisis.  This kind of idea hasn’t worked at the federal level, and it won’t work in Oregon.


Take Action and tell Governor Kulongoski and your legislators Oregonians don’t need new energy taxes.


The Governor argues that using this money on infrastructure improvements like building roads, bridges, and public transit is “good for the economy and our citizens by putting people back to work.”  However, credible economists agree that real growth comes when you have an environment that encourages business and innovation, not high tax burdens and cumbersome regulations.


Rather than tax Oregonians who are already suffering under sky-high energy costs, Governor Kulongoski should step out of the way and make it easier for business and industry to come to Oregon, bringing jobs with them. 


Take Action and let Governor Kulongoski know that new energy taxes are unacceptable.  Now is the time to leave money in families’ pockets.  If the Governor really wants to “get Oregon out of this economic crisis” he should get government out of the way of new energy sources and technologies that would bring lower costs and jobs to Oregon, not raise taxes.


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Russ Walker


Oregon FreedomWorks