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Press Release



The Alabama Legislature is currently in a special session trying to balance
the budget by October 1st.

This presents Alabama with a historic opportunity
for real reform and accountability.
However, some legislators are
resisting change, some are threatening to filibuster a budget, and some
may even try to raise the taxes you have worked so hard on September 9th
to defeat!

This Friday at 2:00 p.m., join Senator Steve French (R-Birmingham)
and Representative Scott Beason (R-Gardendale) for a first-hand discussion
about the situation in Montgomery.

Join this toll-free call and find out what you can do to keep up the pressure
on the legislature to do the right thing and NOT RAISE TAXES.

To join this conference call, telephone 1-888-564-6273 shortly
before 2:00 p.m. CT this Friday (September 26th, 2003) and we will connect
you to the call with Senator French and Representative Beason, both of
whom have been leaders in trying to stop new taxes and make the necessary
reforms for Alabama.

September 9th was a historic victory, but the battle isn't over

We need to stay involved and let our elected leaders know we are still
watching them if we are to make September 9th the beginning of a new era
in Alabama's history. Remember to call 1-888-564-6273 shortly before
2:00 p.m. Central Time this Friday if you want to take part!


Paul Hubbert's Backdoor Attempt to Raise Taxes and Prevent Reform

Right now,
the Alabama legislature is convening in a special session to produce
a budget by October 1st. Despite the Sept. 9 vote, some politicians
still want to raise taxes! Now is the time to make sure that Montgomery
passes the reforms it has resisted for so long, and does not raise taxes.
Do not let this opportunity slip away! Click
to contact your legislators today.