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    Super Czars Dither – Rake in Cash


    Democracy and Power 114:  The Power Players

    Who actually controls the force of government?   Politicians and interest groups control the American political process, which include special-interest groups, big business, unions, seniors, and a multitude of others seekings favors, tax breaks, subsidies, exclusive legislation, and the list goes on.  Interest groups give enormous amounts of money to political campaigns and receive gigantic benefits in return.

    Super Czars Dither – Rake in Cash

     Time is running out for the Super Czars to reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion within the next ten years.  Last week, Republicans offered to raise revenues by $500 billion in exchange for $750 billion in cuts.  Democrats countered the offer with tax increases and some cuts.  Both proposals were rejected.

    While rejected proposals may seem hopeless, dithering and exchanging proposals is very good for the Czars.  The 12 Czars have been granted extraordinary power, and big corporations, big unions and other predatory special interests are bestowing campaign contributions.  Currently, there are hundreds of lobbyists sending money to the Czars with the intent of stopping adverse legislation. It pays for them to stall.

    The Center for Public Integrity reports on the flow of cash: 

    In just six weeks after the committee members were named, political action committees for almost 100 special interests ponied up more than $300,000 in contributions to the lawmakers. The donations will continue to pour in until the committee has finished its work shortly before Thanksgiving.

    Yes, money gives a special-interest predator access to politicians, and personal connections are equally essential.  Michelle Malkin of Human Events explains the insider corruption of former staffers turned lobbyists. 

    Almost 100 registered lobbyists who are former employees of super committee members are now "representing defense companies, health-care conglomerates, Wall Street banks and others with a vested interest in the outcome of the panel's work," the Washington Post found in September. This includes two dozen former staffers to Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, including three former chiefs of staff.

    Of course, members of the committee refute succumbing to undue influence.  Of particular interest is Senator Patty Murray (D-WA).  The Senator is also the Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, whose primary function is to raise money for candidates.  When asked about ethical conflicts of interest, the Senator stated to Politico

    “There are a lot of members of Congress, and we all have multitasks, including all having to run for election, and so we take our responsibilities seriously,” Sen. Murray (D-WA) told Politico. “The select committee is no different than anybody else” in Congress.

    Gigantic donations of money, former staff members and the 12 Czars designated with enormous power will increase taxes and reduce government spending.  Alas, this is the unethical and corrupt caldron that has persistently created the debt imbroglio.  Without a doubt, they will do little, if anything, to make beneficial and meaningful changes to our system.