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Support the RSC Budget!

Support the RSC Budget!

This week the House of Representatives will first vote on the recently struck deal to avert a shutdown, which funds the government for the rest of this fiscal year while cutting billions. They will then vote on their budget for next year. There will be several different budgets voted on and your representative needs to hear from you about which one you support.

The most aggressive budget proposal comes from the 177-member Republican Study Committee (RSC), the more fiscally conservative caucus within the Republican majority. It builds on the strong budget proposed by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and cuts trillions over the next decade. The Democrats may also offer a budget; though this is uncertain, since they failed do so last year when they were in charge.

The RSC budget alternative is the best solution offered presently to put our nation on a path toward fiscal sanity. Take action now to support the RSC Budget!

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Although a budget resolution does not by itself produce any spending restraint—subsequent implementing legislation is needed for that to happen—next week’s vote could have a critical impact on whether Washington finally begins to get spending under control, reduce the national debt, and begin restoring the principles of limited, constitutional government in Washington.

Fiscally conservative Americans need to get involved in this important debate. FreedomWorks has prepared this memo and attached “report card” to arm you with the solid, fact-based information you need to help us win the first round in the great budget battle of 2011.

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It's very important that we support the RSC budget so we can rein in government spending and reform Washington. Take action now!

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