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Support S. J. 37 and Stop the EPA’s Costly Regulation


  • Utility MACT—the most expensive regulation every released by the EPA—will increase energy prices for all Americans and threaten the reliability of the nation’s electricity grid. Taxpayers could see anywhere from a 10-19 percent increase in energy costs.
  • The increased cost of energy will lead to job loss and decreased production in various industries across the nation. As many as 1.65 million jobs lost by 2020 due to EPA regulations.
  • Despite the significant costs of this rule, there few, if any, benefits due to reductions in mercury or any other air toxics.  By the EPA’s own analysis, the benefits from reducing mercury emissions are only $500,000 to $6 million per year—compared to $10 billion in costs (and the EPA’s benefit calculation most likely overstates the case).  In other words the ration of costs to benefits is 1 to 1,600.  Clearly the benefits do not justify the costs.
  • The regulations are largely unnecessary since many states have their own regulations for emission levels.
  • The Utility MACT 34 will force 34 gigawatts of electricity off of the power grid—enough to power 22 million homes in 12 different states.  States in the Midwest—especially Ohio—will be hard hit by these new regulations. 
  • The implementation of new technologies to fit regulation requirements will lead to reliability issues for Americans. NERC stated that, “Existing and proposed environmental regulations in the U.S. may significantly affect bulk power system reliability….”
  • Using the Congressional Review Act, Sen. Inhofe has introduced S.J. Res. 37, a 'resolution of disapproval' that would allow Congress to overturn the EPA’s costly Utility MACT Rule.  Please support Sen. Inhofe’s resolution of disapproval to ensure Americans have access to reliable and affordable energy.
Robert Riley

It is much MORE costly to damage our natural environment, which will affect our children and future generations of people of all nations. Any truly religious person understands that we are to be stewards of the Earth and not destroyers, owners, poisoners. How short-sighted is Senator Inhofe and his corporate sponsors? Now we understand that a key to the survival of our democracy is congressional finance reform, where there will be NO contributions to any congressional candidates or members by any corporate entity or PAC, under severe penalty of law.