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    Supporters of School Choice Can't Take a Holiday

    This week, while most Pennsylvanians are looking forward to spending quality time with their families, opponents of school choice will be working overtime to keep students and parents trapped in a failed educational system. But Pennsylvania voters can set them free.

    The recent passage of the Opportunity Scholarships and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Act through the Pennsylvania Senate means it is now up to the House of Representatives to move this important legislation forward. Expanding opportunity scholarship and tax credit programs will help introduce much-needed competition into Pennsylvania schools and will allow more students to receive a quality education that fits their individual needs.

    If you live in PA, please help legislators in the House understand how important this issue is to voters by taking a few minutes TODAY to contact the key Representatives listed below and ask them to make school choice a reality.

    Brooks, Michele (R) - District 17 (724) 588-8911

    Brown, Rosemary M. (R) - District 189 (570) 420-8301

    Causer, Martin T. (R) - District 67 (814) 362-4400

    Day, Gary (R) - District 187 (610) 760-7082

    DiGirolamo, Gene (R) - District 18 (215) 750-1017

    Farry, Frank A. (R) - District 142 (215) 752-6750

    Gillen, Mark M. (R) - District 128 (610) 775-5130

    Grell, Glen R. (R) - District 87 (717) 795-6091

    Hahn, Marcia M. (R) - District 138 (610) 746-2100

    Harhart, Julie (R) - District 183 (610) 502-2701

    Hickernell, David S. (R) - District 98 (717) 367-5525

    Hutchinson, Scott E. (R) - District 64 (814) 677-6363

    Miccarelli, Nicholas A. III (R) - District 162 (610) 534-1002

    Moul, Dan (R) - District 91 (717) 334-3010

    Oberlander, Donna (R) - District 63 (814) 226-9000

    Culver, Lynda Schlegel (R) - District 108 (570) 286-5885

    Stephens, Todd (R) - District 151 (215) 368-5165

    Sonney, Curtis G. (R) - District 4 (814) 897-2080

    Tobash, Mike (R) - District 125 (570) 385-8235

    Gibbons, Jaret (D) - District 10 (724) 752-1133

    Carroll, Mike (D) - District 118 (570) 655-4883

    Daley, Peter J. (D) - District 49 (724) 379-5540

    If you want to find out what else you can do to help bring school choice to PA, please email David Spielman at


    when we will we learn our Gov. is way to corrupt and NOTHING we do or say is going to change their minds. We can flood the phone lines mass Email them bitch and whine all we want they DO NOT CARE! they only care that they have power over us or have us DEAD.
    So when will we stop trying to change their minds and Just take action>>>
    When i say ACTION I mean THROW DOWN OUR GOVERNMENT! Impeach every last one of them and start New. and restart things the way our founding fathers intended it to be. Think everything the People/tea party has done has fell on deaf ears or was made fun of. it is time to cleanse the camp and be rid of all politicians federal and state and local. if that politician doesn't have a clear record of standing for the Constitution they are a enemy of the people and freedom. READ your declaration of Independence and the Constitution!!!!!!! We have the RIGHT TO THROW DOWN OUR GOVERNMENT....iMPEACH THEM UNTIL THEIR IS ONLY Constitutional politicians left and then elect new ones who will UP HOLD THE Constitution!!!!! AS they swore under oath to do!!!!!!!