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Press Release

Telecom Press Conference in Indianapolis a Success


(Indianapolis, Indiana) – Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Tom Wyss, Senator Earline Rogers, Representative Mike Murphy, and Representative Eric Koch joined Randy Thompson, the Mid-West Director for FreedomWorks, at a press conference in Indianapolis regarding telecommunications and cable reform. Also in attendance were Jim Martin from 60 Plus, a senior group which represents over 90,000 people in Indianapolis, and Melanie Barney from Oasis, another senior group which represents over 25,000 seniors in the greater Indianapolis area.

The conference was well covered and well attended, with reporters ranging from ABC to the Associated Press. The discussion was lively and the legislators were very involved, answering all questions from the attendees. One attendee directed a question towards FreedomWorks, inquiring as to what the next step was in the process to telecommunications reform. Randall responded by telling the attendee “to continue to advocate for competition and choice through membership support for HB 1279 and SB 245 in their original forms.”

Senate Bill 245 and Indiana House Bill 1279 are bills that include a number of important provisions that will increase customer choice in the telecommunications industry. Senate Bill 245 has already passed the Senate by the overwhelming margin of 40-6. These bills will allow providers to compete for customers through better service and competitive prices. States like Texas that have passed similar legislation have already seen rates decrease by as much as 25 percent.

Following the conference, calls were fielded by numerous parties interested in helping the fight for telecommunications reform. This shows not only the success of the conference but also the overwhelming desire for change.