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Tell your Representatives to Cosponsor H.R. 2313 to Repeal Additional IMF Funding

Dear FreedomWorks member, 

As one of our million-plus FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your representative and ask him or her to cosponsor H.R. 2313, a bill to repeal the authority to provide certain loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the increase in the United States quota in that Fund, and certain other authorities, and to rescind related appropriations. Introduced by Rep. McMorris (R-WA), the bill would rescind the additional funding for the IMF, requested by the Obama administration in 2009. H.R. 2313 would save $108 billion by repealing the $8 billion increased United States quota and the $100 billion line of credit to the IMF.

The IMF has regularly put U.S. taxpayers on the hook to bail out big banks and spendthrift foreign governments. Earlier this year, the European Union and IMF approved a $157 billion bailout for Greece—with U.S. taxpayers paying the largest share. The Fund has also quietly bailed out Ireland and Portugal at a cost of approximately $200 billion. The Obama administration has indicated that they will continue to make U.S. taxpayers funds available for more European bailouts. Reports signal that Italy, Spain and Belgium may be next in line to seek funding.  

Bailing out foreign governments is not only bad policy that encourages reckless behavior but we cannot afford it. U.S. taxpayers should not be punished for the bad economic policies of foreign governments. The European debt crisis was created because of too much spending and borrowing. Nations lived way beyond their means for too long. Throwing even more U.S. taxpayer money at the problem will only make the European debt crisis worse in the long run. 

With the U.S. national debt topping $15 trillion, now is not the time to bail out foreign banks and governments that created their own problems. The money would be better spent by helping to pay off our national debt in order to get our own fiscal house in order. I urge you to contact your representative and ask him or her to cosponsor H.R. 2313 to rescind additional U.S. funds for the IMF bailouts. 

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO 
[Click here for a PDF version of this letter.]


Howard Wemple

Why don't you provide the service that Heritage does and prepare petitions and letters to our representatives and send them for us by e-mail to our reps using our zip codes. That way we could show them how many of us there are that are watching them. I use this with my Senator/Socialist Dick Durbin, D- Il. When I get the auto-response, I send another telling him I'm NOT going to vote for him to destroy our country any further!
We the People need to do this! Common Sense from the Heartland -

Sherry Hellmuth

I, too am in IL and although I know Durbin won't do anything to deviate from the left, socialist obama agenda, I keep phoning his office and using these words: "I'm calling to DIRECT my senator, Dick Durbin, to ..." and even though I know it's a waste of my breath, my hope is that it wakes up one person that I don't ask Durbin for anything, but direct him what to do because he does work for me (only until his next re-election I hope).

Ginny Marriott

I agree with Howard... I live in Illinois and except for the prepared petitions and letters, I don't bother sending to Dick Durbin because all I ever get is an auto-response. But when a petition/letter is provided, I gladly sign my name and let it be delivered.

Cindy Mullen

Dear Matt,
While I would love to contact and advise my two Congressional reps, neither P.Murray or M. Cantwell, would vote for any bill not pushed by Obama and the Dem/Left party. K.McMorris I will contact, however, as she seems to be the only Senator in my district that would vote for it. I appreciate the heads up on these bills.Unfortunately, our current leaders in the Senate and the White House, seem to be more interested in building other nations, while destroying ours. It makes me wonder if they are building a nation like those elsewhere, here, and that's why they send so much of our hard earned $$ away. How strange that while other places are still fighting so hard for freedoms and rights, our own gov't is trying so very hard to remove ours. I really do fear for our children and their futures.

Marta Sidenquist

This is a House bill so we need to contact Congressional Representatives.


Cindy, we need to remember that your representative and senators WORK FOR YOU, and not the other way around. Email them and DEMAND that they co-sponsor the legislation you wish they support, then watch what they do when it comes up for a vote. If they vote against your wishes, PROCLAIM it in any social venue to let constituents now, THEY ARE NOT SERVING THEIR CONSTITUENTS! And vote them out next election! Good luck, and KEEP THE FAITH!