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Press Release

Terry Smith is the CSE Minuteman of the Month!


September’s Minuteman of the Month is Terry Smith of Decatur, Alabama. Terry is a retired U.S. Marine and a taxpayer hero to the citizens of Decatur. Terry has been active with CSE for over two years attending CSE Day in Montgomery and our first ever, Liberty Summit in Washington, DC earlier this year.

On September 12th last year, the Decatur City Council held a secret meeting and voted to raise the city sales tax 50 %, from two cents to three (the total sales tax is now 9 cents), with no input from the small business, or citizen community. Many residents have now turned to shopping outside of the city where the tax is less, thus hurting Decatur's small businesses. Outraged, Terry has been working with CSE to rescind the regressive tax and has made significant progress. He has organized local citizens and small business owners against the tax as many residents have now turned to shopping outside the city where the tax is less hurting of local small businesses. In addition, Terry has worked to spread the word and educate people on the Decatur tax issue. He is often quoted in the paper and has even launched a public affairs program on the local cable channel sponsored by CSE.

Terry is seen in Decatur as a leader in this fight, and has been working closely with CSE to educate and mobilize our membership in Alabama. Terry Smith is an American Patriot and our September Minuteman of the Month; keep up the great work Terry! For more information on CSE's Minuteman Project contact: Stephen Flaherty at 1-888-JOIN CSE.