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Testimony by Karin Piper, Colorado

By Karin Piper

Parent Led Reform is a non-profit organization that projects parental power into education reform. Founded by parents and led by parents, Parent Led Reform is not a think tank, it is an action tank.

#stopcommoncore History:

Parent Led Reform believes in parental involvement beyond the bake-sales.

In 2012 Parent Led Reform was active in informing parents and citizens about Colorado SB 130 early childhood legislation and SB 172 state mandate for Colorado to participate in multi-state consortium regarding Common Core standardized assessments.

We held information sessions, organized testimony at legislature, and made phone calls to key legislators. Our allies ranged from like-minded organizations, parents, teachers to board members of Colorado Department of Education. SB 130 and SB 172 were both defeated.

Recently Parent Led Reform used Twitter to spread the grassroots messages of parents and educators. We organized two #stopcommoncore Twitter rallies in collaboration with FreedomWorks, AFP, Heritage, Pioneer, Independence Institute, dozens of grassroots organizations, and thousands of parents and educators. The first rally reached 2.5 million Twitter users, calling for an encore. The second Twitter rally engaged 9.7 million Twitter users and caused such a ruckus with Common Core supporter complaints that @ParentLedReform was temporarily suspended from Twitter. Good times, good times…

Current #stopcommoncore Activities:

Parent Led Reform has issued a challenge call to action: Make your state the first state to repeal Common Core.

We are serious.

Parent Led Reform is in cahoots with parents and educators across the country supporting and promoting each other’s work. Headquartered in Colorado, we have developed a strategy which can easily be replicated in other states. The plan includes:

  1. Information
  2. Disclosing current legislator’s Common Core voting records
  3. Legislative watch and action

Parent Led Reform is growing. Our organization started as five parents in Douglas County, Colorado who always showed up at school board meetings.

After success calling on open union negotiations and legislative advocacy, we received emails and phone calls from parents elsewhere who wanted to replicate what we were doing.

Parent Led Reform filed for an official non-profit status, hired Karin Piper (founder) as Executive Director, and took on the mission to project parental power into education reform, everywhere.

By the end of 2013 there will be multiple states with local Parent Led Reform chapters.

Our mother organization will organize trainings and support with communication and idea sharing. Our strength in the grassroots is to work together.

We are very much looking forward to continue working with FreedomWorks, and looking forward to additional information regarding upcoming roundtable discussions.