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Testimony by Stacie Clarke, Florida

By Stacie Clarke

I was living blissfully in ignorance of Common Core until March 16, 2013. I saw a post on a homeschooling website and someone mentioned Common Core State Standards. Fervently I began to do research on the pros and cons of Common Core. It quickly became apparent that I needed to do something to stop it.

In my fight to stop Common Core, I have written hundreds of letters to dozens of school boards across Florida. This includes letters to state and local legislators, as well as various media outlets, trying to bring awareness to the truth behind Common Core and ultimately to halt its implementation. I speak at venues across central Florida to educate others about what Common Core is and how they can help stop it.

After much prayer and asking God for guidance in my role in fighting Common Core, He led me to others who were looking to team up. I am co-founder of Florida Parents Against Common Core (FPACC), and am currently serving as the Central Florida State Coordinator. We have FPACC Coordinators located in the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and soon the Southwest regions of Florida. We are active in reaching out, teaching others, and working to stop/repeal Common Core.

Currently FPACC is working on getting a “Halt Bill” passed here in Florida. We aren’t alone in our fight. We work side-by-side with other Stop Common Core groups regionally as well as nationally. Regardless of whether we are conservative or liberal, we have all come together and are fighting to stop Common Core!

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