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Testimony by Vanessa Everheart, Kansas

By Vanessa Everheart

Our youngest daughter is involved in the Parents as Teachers program, as have our previous two children. One day our “Teacher” Miss Tami came over for a screening and began asking some questions I hadn’t heard asked before. Questions about my pregnancy and birth and then she wanted information for our daughter to have a Kansas ID number. That’s when I stopped her. “Tami,” I said, “she already has a social security number, why does she need a Kansas ID number?” Well, it was supposed to be for when she enters school and to keep with her through college, etc. That wasn’t good enough for me. That’s what the social security number was for, and I was not going to tag yet another number to my daughter. “Nope, sorry Tami, there will be no Kansas ID number for our daughter.” Besides that, we homeschool, she won’t need it anyway. Also we were told that all the information we were giving was not going anywhere, so we questioned why then were we giving it and stopped answering her questions.

Our daughter was just two when this happened. Welcome to our introduction to Common Core.

Allow me to back up to 2009 when I learned that the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, had signed the first ever agreement in the world to “co-educate” with China” (co-educate may not be the right word, but you get the picture). I was then the “Watchdog for Education” and sent emails upon emails to Glenn Beck informing him that this was NOT going to be a good thing.